Just a couple of best-friends-for-life posing for a selfie.

Hey Gorgeous, I'm Charlotte!

Originally from the United Kingdom; I packed my life into one suitcase, hopped on a plane to follow the dream and now make beautiful Alberta, Canada my home. I can’t lie; one of my proudest moments is still packing my entire life into one suitcase! 

I used to be a corporate ladder climber; these days though; I enjoy the freedom and excitement of entrepreneurship with my superhero-other-half and best friend-slash-soulmate-slash-bloody-all-around-amazing-guy, Kyle. 

Meeting Kyle made me a Step Mama to four beautiful girls, which is both incredibly rewarding and frickin’ hard, all at the same time. But every single second has been worth it and I can honestly say that I am a better person for it. We live as one big colorful family with our two cats and sometimes obedience challenged Rottweiler, who we all adore. 

What else can I tell you about me? I started out in Law School; until life took an unexpected turn; I’m a plant-based Vegan, I love coffee (maybe a little too much) and I have a cheesy British sense of humor, which of course my kids LOVE (*wink*). I’m also a passionate Human Rights & anti-Human Trafficking advocate.

​Life has been a rich tapestry, which I could not have predicted 20 years ago! But I discovered that one of the secrets to happiness is to love life, one day at a time. I am passionate about helping women see the richness in their own tapestry and create a life they love…one day at a time

© 2018 Charlotte Bellis