Hey you!

I'm Charlotte. Nice to meet you. Here's a little more about me:

I’m originally from the United Kingdom and now make Canada my home. I can't lie; one of my proudest moments was fitting my entire life into one suitcase!

I used to be a Corporate ladder climber - I have 6 years’ of Law school and over 15 years’ experience in Management, Operations, Global & Domestic Relocation, Executive Support, Coaching, Property Management and Administration. 

I am an accomplished Public Speaker and I used to travel, speaking on a variety of Social Justice issues, but mostly on Human Trafficking. 

I have a cheesy British sense of humor and probably love coffee a little too much.

I am a Plant-based Vegan who loves creating out-of-this-world desserts as well as natural wellness. 

I am a Bonus Mom to three girls and together with my Superhero-Other-Half, we live with our two cats and obedience challenged Rottweiler who has a penchant for fresh bread and garbage (sometimes at the same time), and making us chase him all over the neighbourhood. Life is one continual workout. 

And I am absolutely passionate about seeing others live a life that they absolutely LOVE, because; let's face it; life is too short to live any other way.

© 2018 Charlotte Bellis