* Some restrictions apply; above Packages exclude Social Media Management, E-Book Design, Sales & Landing Pages. Please contact me for pricing of these services.

Starter and Executive Packages must be used within 30 days of Purchase.

Plans & Pricing

What works for one Business, doesn't necessarily work for another; which is why I've created packages based on my most requested service levels. 

My casual option is billed hourly and has a one hour minimum, so you have flexibility to use services as you need them.

Have a one-time project or need something not covered here? No problem, contact me for customised pricing.


Hourly Rate *

As Required

Ideal for those who aren't sure how many hours they'll need, or for a specific, short-term project which doesn't require prior scoping.


$495 Paid Monthly *

15 hours per Month

Perfect for the busy professional who needs little extra support or a part-time assistant for the new start-up Fempreneur.


$800 Paid Monthly *

25 hours per Month

For the busy professional who needs help organising and streamlining their day.

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